Hello and Welcome to Owlstone!

Thank you for visiting our little nook on the internet. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved to play in the dirt. From making mud-pies to riding horses to my start in ceramics, I have always had a passion for the outdoors and being a part of nature. I guess you can say that throughout my life I have had a love affair with the Earth. In my teenage years, I discovered my passion in working with clay and since have explored virtually every possible technique in making ceramics one could think of. Fifty years later (has it really been that long!) I started Owlstone Clayworks on my small farm in North Salem with my family. Our small staff includes a couple horses, a bunch of dogs, some chickens and a small a honey bee apiary! From wedging, rolling, cutting and molding our stoneware clay as well as cooking, scenting and pouring our soap and candles, our creations are entirely made by hand from start to finish here in our studio. Our ingredients are sourced from the United States and are 100% natural. The result is our vision – every piece made a unique expression hoping to grace your home. Thank you again for visiting with me and exploring our offerings!

Warmest regards,