Owlstone’s ceramics are made from Our clay comes from specific clay quarries in the United States, chosen for quality stoneware, a strong, impermeable and durable clay. We prefer the traditional method of hand wedging and pin rolling our clay over machines. This ensures optimal pliability, consistency and uniformity. While this process is labor intensive, these traditions produces a more authentically unique look than mass produced techniques.

After the clay is prepared, we mold and cut each piece by hand, one piece at a time. The result – every dish, every tile, every candle, every piece is its own expression and unique piece of art.

Owlstone ceramics are individually hand-painted with a nontoxic glaze. We employ many different application methods to achieve desired colors and finishes. The attention to detail in our process allows us to provide consistent product, while also allowing for a range that speaks to our handmade craft.

Owlstone soaps and candles are all made from scratch with only natural ingredients. Our recipes are created here and poured in our studio! By creating our own soaps and candles, we ensure that only natural ingredients are used. From beeswax and honey from local apiaries, to scents and spices from local farms, only the best ingredients are in every bar of soap and every candle.

Finally, our ceramics are fired twice on site at our studio. Firing our clay twice allows the clay to mature for durability and also generates an amazing color palette. Our soaps and candles are also poured, dried and cut on site. With this disciplined approach to our craft, we ensure that every piece deserves to grace your home. We hope you will agree that the results are incredible.