Owlstone tiles are truly handmade.

They are hand rolled, hand cut, and hand painted. Each tile is a unique expression and a work of art. Owlstone tiles are made from stoneware, a strong, impermeable and durable clay that is well-suited to counters, backsplashes, walls and floors. Our clay comes from the United States and is hand-wedged before rolling to help ensure optimal pliability, consistency and uniformity.

Hand rolled clay affords more control in ensuring quality and consistency in our tiles. While this process is labor intensive, the rolling pin tradition produces a more authentically unique tile than mass produced slip-casting and molding techniques.

Owlstone tiles are individually cut, one at a time. Our tile cutting equipment is self-designed and welded to our specifications. After cutting, our studio team inspects and approves each tile for quality before drying.

Tiles are carefully and evenly dried on drying racks before firing, and are again inspected and approved for quality.

Approved dried clay tiles, called “greenware”, are then bisque fired to vitrify the clay, removing water molecules to increases the tile’s strength, while maintaining enough porosity to accept the application of our glazes.

Each Owlstone tile is individually hand-painted with a nontoxic glaze. We employ many different application methods to achieve desired colors and finishes. The attention to detail in our process greatly reduces variance in color from tile to tile, while also allowing for a range that speaks to our handmade craft.

After the glaze has dried, tiles are fired at high temperatures. During the glaze firing, the tile’s color and design come to life as clay and glaze become one.